Old Testament Lesson: Selected Psalms read responsively
(Expressions of worship – showing respect and love for God)
Gospel Lesson: John 4:19-26 (Jesus responds to the woman at the well about worship)

Worship has always been the central activity in the lives of God’s people. In worship, two things are happening:

  1. the Holy Spirit is at work through the Word of God to increase faith, make known God’s truth and love, convict people of sin, and pour out His grace and mercy,
  2. God’s people express their devotion and love for God in songs, prayers, praise, repentance, giving, communing, and celebration.

Worship is focused on Jesus Christ, who He is and what He has done to save us from sin. Make regular, weekly worship of Jesus Christ the highest priority of your time, your energy, your routine, and your life.

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