Old Testament Lesson: I Chronicles 29:6-9, 14-20
Gifts for building the temple

Gospel Lesson: Luke 2:49, Psalm 27:4, John 1:1, 14a, Psalm 84:1-2,4,10
A responsive reading on the Lord’s house

Nehemiah and his followers were called by God to take part in a project that God had been orchestrating for several thousand years. In order to Join the Journey, Nehemiah needed to know God’s story of salvation and how his particular calling fit into God’s plan. And so it is today with God’s people, we are still a part of God’s plan of salvation, proclaiming God’s salvation completed in Jesus. In particular, God has been at work for 25 years at Messiah Lutheran Church. It’s quite a story of faith, and when you see how the story has unfolded over 25 years, it is easy to see God’s hand of blessing. And as we look to the future, we pray God’s continued blessing as we serve Him.

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