New Testament Reading: Hebrews 6:19-7:3, 23-28
(Jesus is better than Melchizedek)
Gospel Lesson: Matthew 27:50-56 (Jesus dies on the cross, the temple curtain is torn in two)

Today’s theme from Hebrews – Melchizedek was an anomaly, a priest and the King of Jerusalem at the time of Abraham. It is one of the few exceptions of a person with no recorded heritage to function as a priest.

Many people today identify themselves as a Christian or a particular denomination because of their family heritage. We find great comfort in our family of origin and identity. But our human origin is also the source of our sinful nature – which we inherit and pass on. Jesus stepped into the human race, fully man and yet fully God, without sin, to become God’s perfect sacrifice for our sins. Only when we become united with Christ by faith can we find true hope for life everlasting.

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