New Testament Lesson: Ephesians 2:1-10 (Alive in Christ)
Gospel Lesson: Matthew 19:16-22 (The rich young man- there is only one who is good)

“Goodness” as a Fruit of the Spirit can easily be reduced to mere moral behavior that subtly rejects the work of Jesus Christ in our lives. Yet on the other hand, one might reduce “goodness” to be solely about God’s work alone, thus requiring nothing of us. That is, no need for us to walk in step with the Holy Spirit. Both of these reductions to understanding “goodness” are extremely dangerous to our faith and both will lead us away from Jesus Christ. Therefore, we must understand the inherent tension between “goodness” which alone is Christ’s through the Holy Spirit (justification), while also understanding that we have an active role to play, cooperating with the spiritual powers that the Holy Spirit provides us (sanctification).

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