Old Testament Lesson: Judges 6:1-24
(God calls Gideon)
Gospel Lesson: Luke 9:1-6 (Jesus sends the 12 – take nothing with you)

Gideon was a judge, a leader sent by God to help deliver the Israelite people from the oppression of a particular enemy. But God often gave the judges unusual plans to carry out, which helped people realize the deliverance came from God. Most often, God works through the normal order of life – through people, through history, through nature, and through the ordinary day to day tasks of life. Sometimes God chooses to work in supernatural ways. Even Jesus came in the flesh of a man, lived under the authority of the Roman empire, was tried by people in authority, and died in the way all criminals were executed – a cross. But through those events, God fulfilled the work of salvation for mankind. See how God worked through Gideon – and how he works in and through you!

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