Old Testament Lesson: Leviticus 23:33-44
The Feast of Tabernacles – the third annual pilgrimage festival in Israel’s calendar

Gospel Lesson: Luke 15:21-32
The Prodigal Son – the Father celebrates the return of his son

God has always taught His people that offerings for celebratory worship and festivals, are an important part of life for a child of God. God wants His people to join Him in celebrating the great things of His Kingdom. He wants us to celebrate His many blessings, to enjoy the fruits of His creation, and to be connected to the joy of salvation. In the Old Testament, God appointed 7 annual celebrations in addition to the weekly Sabbath. In the New Testament, those celebrations continue in Christ – His death, resurrection, and the Holy Spirit’s work in the Church working salvation in the hearts of mankind.

Today is celebration Sunday at Messiah! Celebrate 25 years of God’s blessings at Messiah Lutheran Church. Celebrate God’s goodness. Celebrate the moving together into the future for the next 25 years.

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