The 1989 fantasy-drama movie starring Kevin Costner tells the story of a farmer in Iowa who built a baseball diamond in the middle of his corn field. The field became a place where people’s broken dreams and lives were restored, a place of redemption.

This worship series will be looking at some great Bible stories about how God used
different fields to accomplish his will in people’s lives.

Over the next ten weeks, Messiah will also be conducting a capital campaign to raise funds for the purchase of the field behind the QT. It is our prayer that God will use our “field” as a place for people to be connected to Jesus and find redemption in Him.

Old Testament Lesson: Psalm 145 (A Psalm of praise)
Gospel Lesson: Matthew 13:44-46 (The parables of the Hidden Treasure and the Pearl)

Today marks the beginning of the next chapter in the history of Messiah Lutheran Church. Just think of all that God has done in 28 years! And now God has opened the door to
purchase 5 acres – to buy the field behind QT. Who knows what God has in store as we walk into the future? Who knows what this field of dreams may produce? What we do know, is that we walk forward in faith, trusting that the simple message of redemption and new life in Jesus Christ is the reason we exist and the thing that matters most! We walk forward knowing that Jesus is with us!

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