Messiah Night to Shine Event
Messiah Lutheran Church is excited to announce that we have again been chosen as a host church for Night to Shine 2020! On Friday, February 7, 2020, we will open our doors to those in our community with special needs and throw a prom in their honor. Our guests will have the opportunity to enter on a red carpet to cheers and photos, enjoy a meal, ride in a limo, and dance all evening. This event is completely free for our guests and open to anyone aged 14+ with special needs. We will also have a Respite Room on-site where parents and caregivers can relax and enjoy food and entertainment of their own.

Night to Shine is sponsored by the Tim Tebow Foundation. It began in 2015 with 44 host churches welcoming 7000 honored guests. In 2018, it expanded to over 500 host churches with 90,000 honored guests. It’s growing bigger every year, and Messiah is thrilled to be a part of this world-wide movement that celebrates those with special needs and the people who care for them.

Guest Registration Coming Soon!

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