Offerings are an investment in the ministry of the gospel, the kingdom of God.  It’s the way we build and sustain God’s house, a place for families to grow in faith, a place for God to dwell in this community.  God wants the church to thrive and the ministry of proclaiming Christ to thrive!  We hear stories each and every day about how real lives are being transformed by the gospel message, and how people are beginning a life journey with Jesus.  That is why Messiah exists and that is what your offerings support – changing lives through Christ!

The church is 100% dependent on the generosity of God’s people giving offerings the way God’s Word instructs – cheerful, firstfruit, proportionate offerings.

Ministry thrives when God’s people are guided by God’s concept of the tithe – giving 10% of their household income to the Lord’s church.   Thank you for all you do to give the way God asks us to in His Word.

Jubilee Sunday

Jubilee Sunday is Messiah’s annual celebration of giving, typically the end of February or early March.  It’s a time for all of us to thoughtfully consider our offerings and also give a special gift of thanks. On Jubilee Sunday, we ask members to do two things:

  1. Make a pledge: Fill out a pledge card to give a regular monthly offering. If you can set up your offerings electronically, it is extremely helpful for more efficient management of the church.
  1. Give a special offering over and above your regular offering: The goal is to collect a $60,000+ special offering which helps keep the ministry support strong through the summer months when offerings are typically down due to summer vacations. The Jubilee Sunday envelope is yellow and can be found in your regular box of offering envelopes.