Nursery During 9:30 Service

Age 0-2 years

Our volunteer-staffed nursery cares for infants and toddlers in a fun, safe and nurturing environment. The nursery is located in The Commons. Upon arrival, please sign in with your child’s name and your contact information in case the volunteers need to get in touch during the service. Please note that we abide by a ratio of volunteers to children. Arrive early to ensure there is a spot for your child.

At this time, the nursery is only staffed during the 9:30 service. Sunday School and Bible classes are also offered at 9:30. We love to have children in worship. No worries about spilled cheerios or outbursts. Messiah is a place where children are loved and welcome.

Parents who utilize the nursery are asked to volunteer once a month in the nursery. Please consider!