What’s love got to do with it? According to Jesus, LOVE has EVERYTHING to do with it!

When asked by a religious leader what mattered most in all the teachings of God, Jesus said that nothing is more important than to LOVE God, and LOVE your neighbor.

That’s why LOVE is the first word used at Messiah to capture the essence of the Christian life and faith: LOVE, LEARN, LIVE. Love for Jesus inspires disciples of Jesus to:

  1. Worship weekly in Church
  2. Worship daily through personal devotions
  3. Love other people as Jesus has loved you

This is how God works to transform your heart and your life!

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God makes Himself known to us through His Word – the Bible. We LEARN from Jesus. The Bible is quite simply God’s Story. It tells us how He created life to work.It reveals God’s truth about sin, grace, forgiveness. It tells us what God loves and what God hates. It tells us what is good and right, and what is evil and wrong.

Mostly, the Bible tells us how God saves us from sin through Jesus. Every word in the Bible points to Him.

What does it mean to be a Christian? It means you seek to know the truths of God found in the Bible. You believe God’s Word to be the ultimate authority and reality for your life.

Here are some ways you can LEARN more about God and grow in your understanding of His Word.

  • Buy a study Bible
  • Pray for God to speak to you through His Word, and to make Himself known to you.
  • Daily read small portions of scriptures and meditate on them – put them into practice
  • Take a year or so to read through these books of the Bible:
    • Mark, Psalms, Proverbs, Genesis, Romans
  • Use a devotion book daily.
  • Go to a Bible class with a good teacher.

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We respond to God’s great love for us putting our faith into action. We LIVE for Jesus! This is another way we deepen our relationship and trust in Him. It is often said that the best way to learn something is by doing. That is true for Christians, too!

The best way to experience the reality of God is to trust God’s Word and to put your faith into action!

  • Vocation: God is at work through your daily life as a spouse, family, neighbor, citizen, employee, employer, church member. Through these callings, God is at work in this world providing the daily needs of human beings. Your daily life is a part of God’s hand providing for the world.
  • Mission and Evangelism: Evangelism is sharing your personal story of faith with other individuals in your life, so they can hear of God’s love in Jesus. Mission is joining with your local church, and the whole Christian church on earth to preach the Gospel to the ends of the earth. Learn more.
  • Generosity: God asks Christians to give regular offerings to the Church for the ministry and mission of the Gospel. The Biblical standard is 10% of your regular income for the ongoing operation of the church. Sacrificial offerings are those above 10% for expansion, mission, and other needs. Learn more.

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