Pastor Paul discusses Chapter 2 of his book Getting to Know Jesus.

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If you missed it on Sunday, or just want to watch it again, check out the Messiah Direct Commercial, featuring Super Creepy Pastor Chuck. [youtube w=580&h=326]

Have you tried to study the Bible, but found it confusing?  Ever started to read, but then gave up?  Maybe you know the stories, but don’t understand how they all fit together.  This is the video for you!  In about 30 minutes, Pastor Schult gives an overview of God’s Word using the Bible timeline.  You…


Here are a few great resources about giving to help you prepare for Jubilee Sunday this week.  We can’t wait to see what God will do through your offering pledges and special gift! Pastor Chuck Shares What French Fries Can Teach Us About Giving [youtube=] The Home Team – Investing in God’s House (aka the…


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