To KNOW and SHARE the love of Jesus Christ with all who will hear and become reflectors of His love in God’s earthly and eternal kingdoms.

Core Values

  • Unwavering Faith in Jesus Christ
  • Realized Potential
  • Mission Outreach
  • Pioneering Spirit
  • Gospel Joy/Humor

Our Future Vision

We will be the Connectors of Christ in our community. Through a balanced study of the Word and the emotional expression of the Spirit, we will lay the foundation of true faith for seekers and believers alike. In sacramental worship and prayer, Messiah will be sustained, refreshed and multiplied. Through designed service, discipleship and communication, all members of the body will develop relationships rooted in the love of Jesus, with a mind and heart shaped by His Word and a hand to act in this world as guided by the Holy Spirit. In this way, each will embark on a LifeJourney: to LOVE, to LEARN and to LIVE as a model of Christ. This unleashing of the power of genuine Christian love will be an attractor, a beacon, a ray of hope, lighting a darkened world and leading a new generation to the next Great Awakening of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.