How many times have you begged for rescue from darkness? Rescue from a broken heart? Rescue from the mess created by thoughts, words, and actions? Rescue from the hurt of others? From time to time, we all beg to be lifted out of the pain and heaviness of it all.

Then there’s Jesus. Who walked TOWARD the cumulative darkness of mankind. Even though He was pure light and love with not even a hint of a shadow anywhere. He walked toward the pain and future that was ours. Willingly. Without complaint. What kind of Love is this?

Can you imagine what ALL the pain, selfishness, greed, horror and sin of mankind even looks like? Feels like?

And then can you imagine the LOVE required for God to give His SON to take all that upon Himself? And the LOVE for the Son to do it? To feel it? As an undeserved gift? For you? For me? For all?

I can’t. When I even try to wrap my head around it, the sheer beauty breaks me completely open. It wrecks me in all the best ways. I don’t understand it, but I claim it. I must. It is the answer to everything.

Sometimes we hear fancy words like grace and righteousness and salvation. Perhaps it seems like a secret language too hard to understand. That’s unfortunate, because it’s not. It is really very simple, yet at the same time so difficult to take in.

There is no secret code, my friend. No type of behavior or ritual required for freedom in this life and into eternity.

The message of Easter, dear one is simply this… LOVE WINS. It is finished. You don’t have to earn your way to freedom. You couldn’t even if you tried.

LOVE WINS. Each and every time. Not human love. Divine Love. THE LOVE. It’s yours to claim. On Good Friday. On Easter. On any everyday, ordinary, crazy day.

LOVE WINS. Not religion. Not a church or a creed. Jesus. Only Jesus.

LOVE WINS. Claim it! The Truth will set you free.

We are honored to introduce you to Him. Please come to Messiah on Good Friday at 7pm and on Easter morning to hear the great news. You matter. You have been rescued. The victory is yours to claim!


Messiah’s 7pm worship service for Good Friday is somewhat somber. All readings and narrations are spoken off-stage, so that the cross of Jesus is the only focal point. The service features verses from old hymns of the faith and powerful, band-led contemporary worship music. The gradual extinguishing of the candles on the altar remind us of the gathering darkness that hung about Jesus as He suffered and died.  At the end of the service, the Christ candle is not extinguished. Its removal from the altar symbolizes Christ’s death and burial.  But then the candle is returned to the altar!  Darkness, death and burial could not prevail or defeat the light of Christ!  He lives to be the light of the world.

Messiah’s Good Friday worship moves through three parts:

Remembering the life of Jesus.

Remembering the crucifixion of Jesus.

Remembering the last words and death of Jesus. 

The service concludes with the removal and reentry of the Christ candle, the Lord’s prayer, the humming of “I know that my Redeemer lives”, and leaving in silence. 

Celebrate the resurrection on Easter! Easter at Messiah details are right here.

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