With our jam-packed schedules, we often have a perceived excuse for failing to follow through on the most important things – Jesus, worship, community outreach, family etc… But sometimes, He gives a gentle reminder that it’s important to take a moment and reflect on our relationship with Him and those around us.
It was apparent to one local couple last weekend that they were going to be stranded for a long period of time on their commute back home on Friday. The wife had to pick her husband up from the airport. Knowing the snowfall would be coming down harder very soon, they headed home as quickly as possible hoping to make it before it started accumulating. Little did they know, everyone had the same idea and by the time they made it about half way home, the snow was coming down in full force. Traffic was at a standstill. As they sat on the highway, so close yet so far from home; the husband behind the wheel and the wife in the passenger seat, she took out her planner. They began looking over her to-do list she realized that the only “free” day they had as a family was Sunday. With full time jobs, the kids’ school, sports, and activities, there just never seems to be extra time.
As they sat on the highway, every radio station was a commercial so they shut the radio off. She scrolled through Facebook, and noticed Messiah’s playlist posted from a previous week, once shared publicly by her friend. She clicked on it and connected her phone through the car’s bluetooth. The couple spent about 3 hours on the road Friday night. But not only did they listen to Sunday’s upcoming playlist, but they listened to many weekly playlists.
During this time, she and her husband had some downtime. It forced them to talk, listen, and worship all in one car ride. And although the planner said the coming days would be “go go go,” it ended up being very different. The events and activities were canceled. The kids got to play in the snow all weekend. Mom and dad actually had time to relax, as well as go sledding with the kids. Sunday, the roads were cleared enough to attend church and all activities were still canceled, so they were able to spend it worshiping their Savior and spending quality time with one another.
So, the next time you are in the car, have your Messiah playlist at the ready! You never know when you may need it! And more importantly, there’s always time for worship!
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