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One of the joys of being part of a mission team is learning about other cultures. We talk about the similarities and marvel at how many differences we sometimes uncover! While we value our friends and family in the U.S., the importance of relationships in Uganda is a noticeable difference in their culture and ours. Time spent with family and friends is prioritized over efficiency almost every time there is a choice to be made. There is so much to learn from the way our friends in Uganda value these interactions!

When you arrive in Uganda, whether it be at a hotel, someone’s home, or even in a village, you will be greeted with “You are most welcome” time and again. And they mean it – you are welcome, any time, any day! When someone new arrives, everything else moves to the back burner. A guest has arrived and it’s time to make them feel “most welcome”!

When a mission team arrives at a school or village in Uganda, there is always a program put on by school children, as well as village leaders and others. One of my very favorite songs sung by the kids is to the tune of “She’ll Be Comin’ Round the Mountain” – with the words “we are happy to receive you – welcome!” What a glorious feeling – to be received by a group in such a warm, welcoming way!

One of the things heard frequently as a mission team travels in Uganda, especially in rural areas, is “Mzungu! Mzungu!” We hear it often as we bump along the dirt roads. It’s a term to label anyone who isn’t a Ugandan! It’s not derogatory, but almost a term of endearment and a great way to get the attention of a bus full of Caucasians!

We set the levels of event sponsorship for Celebrate Uganda this year using these 3 phrases. We believe they are a great reminder of how important our relationship with the people of Uganda truly is; they value knowing us and sharing their lives with us. May we truly understand the importance of relationships in our own lives, while we seek to find ways to grow God’s kingdom in Uganda!

Help fund Messiah’s work in Nakabango at one of the following levels:

  1. You Are Most Welcome! $1000 (SOLD OUT)
  2. We Are Happy to Receive You $250 (3 available)
  3. Mzungu $100 (8 available – 1 per round)

All levels will receive varying degrees of social media recognition as well as signage at the event. Feel free to publicize your business or honor a friend or family member with one of these sponsorships!


As of October 25, the status of the sponsorships is as follows:

$1000-sold out

VIP table-sold out

$250 sponsorships-3 remain

$100 sponsorships-5 remain

Thank you for supporting our friends in Uganda through event sponsorship for Celebrate Uganda 2018!

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