Even though this was our fifth trip to Guatemala, this trip was more than what we expected. God provided us with an amazing trip.

It’s hard to pick a favorite memory from this trip. So many good things happened. For Karen, one of my favorite parts of this trip was playing with the kids in the village. They loved playing patty cake and other hand games with us.  For sarah, one of my favorite parts was being able to talk to the kids in Spanish and learning more about them.

Both of us really enjoyed Wednesday. We got the opportunity to meet with the youth group in Quebrada de Aqua. Helio planned an amazing mini retreat for the youth from Guatemala and the United States. Even though most of us could not speak any Spanish and they could speak any English, we were playing and laughing together.

With every trip, flexibility is key. This team understood this and were able to be flexible in every situation with a smile on their faces. God truly gave us the patience and guidance we needed this week.

We can’t wait to go back again.
Karen and Sarah Rivera

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