The theme for today was “God is with us” just as God was with Noah and his family on the ark. We have truly been blessed to be a part of this trip and thankful for all the prayers that have been said on our behalf. Today the youth group of the church in Quebrada de Agua met in the afternoon after our VBS. They played a “get to know you game” with Skittles and M&Ms with Charles providing the English/Spanish translation. Helio, one of the cultural helpers, led a Bible study for the group. After lunch the kids played games, where the American and Guatemalan kids had to partner with each other, including musical chairs! It was so fun to watch the laughing and giggling kids. Even though they spoke different languages the laughter was universal! The water games ended abruptly when God decided we weren’t using enough water. We are so thankful God provided the opportunity for us to be a part of this team and spend the week with some wonderful women. The Lord watches over every one us and will continue no matter where we are or what we are doing.
Praise be to God!

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