Hola! Today was our second full day of vacation bible school and it was filled with many laughs, photos, and lots of paint. Today we had the opportunity to paint the bathrooms, the preschool building and the playground. It was amazing to see how much a coat of paint can change a building! The playground went from a dull green to a vibrant white and the bathrooms ended up looking as beautiful as a bathroom could! We truly did wonderful physical work today but also spiritual. We taught the students to always trust in God which is a super important lesson to learn. As we taught the students to trust in God, it really resonated with me as we serve in the amazing village. We have really had to put our full and complete trust in God as we journey to an unfamiliar country and serve children who do not speak English. Our limits have been tested as we painted in the heat, poured concrete and attempted to learn Spanish but we have all grown to learn that we should always trust in God because he has us in His hands. I hope that you all may continue to pray for our team and for our safety as we continue to learn to trust in God more and more everyday.
God’s Blessings,
Taylor Michel

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