Greetings from Guatemala! Today was our first day of VBS and I am already in awe of God’s amazing plan and love for us. Our Bible point for the day at VBS was “God cares for us” and not only was it a great reminder for the kids we were teaching but also for all of us serving. God truly does care for us and continues to provide and keeps us safe throughout this trip. It’s truly amazing to see God’s love in so many different places here, from the beautiful mountains to all of the smiles and laughs we get to share with the kids. And although the kids don’t have as many materialist things as we do, they are filled up with so much joy and it is truly incredible to see. Their joy is such an awesome thing to witness and I just love to be able to play and laugh with them all. Although we do speak different languages, God continues to make connections and friendships between the kids and all of us on the team and that is such a blessing. God truly does care for us and gives us all that we need to be a witness and a servant for Him. He has provided us with so many laughs, friendships, and memories and continues to give us strength throughout this trip. Although we had such a good time doing VBS with the kids, we also surprisingly had a great time mixing and pouring cement for the school. God blessed us with strength but also with so many laughs as we worked. I am loving the time I get to spend here in Guatemala and I am so thankful God called me to serve Him at this amazing place. God truly cares for us and loves us with such an indescribable love. I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us next! Thank you Messiah for all of your thoughts and prayers! We really appreciate it!
In Christ,
Kate Schlie

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