Memorizing creeds, tests, a white dress and wine.

That’s mostly what I remember about confirmation all those years ago in middle school. It was quite different in the 1980s. In one town where I lived, I was the only confirmation student. The pastor actually came to my house once a week for class and sat across the dining room table from me. He was nice, but it was still weird:)

Things are a tad bit different at Messiah!  Just a few days ago, 50 8th grade students were confirmed into the faith and 50 7th graders are studying to be confirmed next year. That’s amazing! It really is. Even more amazing is the fact that these middle schoolers actually WANT to be at confirmation on Wednesday nights at 7pm.

It’s fun. It’s impacting. It’s important. It’s personal. It’s planting seeds of faith that will last a lifetime.

Because while my initial memories of confirmation are the tests, the dress, and the wine. It was really so much more. On confirmation day, I made a pledge of lifelong commitment to Jesus.  Have I kept that promise? No. I’m a messy human, after all. There have been long stretches of time in my life where I didn’t give Jesus a single thought, let alone praise, thank, honor and obey Him as I promised.

But that’s the very reason that my baptism and confirmation matter so much.

I may have looked away from Jesus, but He NEVER once looked away from me.

So as you attend the parties, worship services, and congratulate the confirmations in your life, remember that it’s so much more than a ceremonial right of passage. Confirmation is an invitation into the mystery of the very body and blood of Christ. The very real and necessary forgiveness of our mess through the ultimate love and sacrifice of Jesus. This Holy Super and the Holy Spirit WILL renew, strengthen, and sustain these amazing young adults for a lifetime and into eternity.

Laura Fleetwood is the Director of Communications at Messiah Lutheran Church & School. She is also the author of Seeking The Still where she writes for women who are tired of trying to keep it all together. Through vulnerable, authentic storytelling, Laura reminds you there is always HOPE, and you are never alone. You can find Laura’s words for Messy Miracles at
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