by Renee Borgmann
Director of Children’s Ministry


Christmas through the eyes of a child is a beautiful thing. The excitement, the faith, the wonder . . .

And I think it is safe to say that children are all paying attention to Christmas! I love the fact that the songs piped into the stores and shopping malls still include songs about Jesus’ birth.

I love our advent traditions:

  • Christmas decorations,
  • The Christmas tree
  • Advent calendars
  • The Advent wreath and candles
  • Christmas songs
  • Making and purchasing presents for loved ones
  • Special worship services

Each of our advent traditions can point the way to Christ – to Jesus’ birth.

In Sunday School and church services, children will hear about:

  • The promise that God made to save us, and the promise that God kept when He sent Jesus into the world.
  • The promise that Jesus made to love us and to be with us always.
  • The promise that Jesus will come again.
This is a great time to remind ourselves of how faithful our God is, and what His promises are to us.

In our homes, as we enjoy our advent traditions, we point to Jesus as we put up our Nativity scene and make that an important part of our decorating.

We point to Jesus as we put those special ornaments on the tree – a manger, a star, a heart.
We point to Jesus as we play Christmas music, and sing along with our kids.

Excitement builds as we open each door on our advent calendar, taking us closer to Christmas each day, and as we light our advent candles at dinner time or devotion time, that reminder that Jesus came to be the light of the world.

One of my kids’ favorite traditions during advent was to eat dinner by candlelight. Just the light of the advent candles, and a few other candles around the kitchen.

And as our kids experience the excitement of making or purchasing just the right gift for loved ones, they catch a glimpse of how God loves to give us His good gifts, and of those gifts, Jesus is the best gift of all – the gift that is exactly what we need.

As we walk through Advent with our families, I pray God’s blessings for us. I pray that our kids will see the love of Jesus shine through in all that we do to prepare for our celebration of Jesus’ birth!

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