By Becky Halcomb

We’re trying something new to encourage more young adults to become involved in regular Bible study!  We’ll meet in Messiah’s CHAOS room for our next Bible study, and use a video series, which is something we haven’t done before. We’ll also offer child care as an option for young parents! I’m very excited about this 7-episode video series! It presents a big picture in a creative way that deals with the tough questions: “What is my salvation actually for?” and “How do we live in the world but not of the world?” I know over the years, I’ve struggled with what that’s supposed to look like, and I’m excited to learn more. We’ll still meet every other Tuesday at 7 pm. Here’s the schedule:

  • 10/11- Episode 1: Exile- Our journey begins by discovering a new- yet ancient- perspective: we are exiles “not home yet”, called to live as gift-givers wherever we are. We’ll be working a lot with Jeremiah 29.
  • 10/25- Episode 2: Love- What is the point of family? We’ll explore God’s design for family– how it shapes us as individuals and contributes to the flourishing of our communities.
  • 11/8- Episode 3: Creative Service- Is our labor in the world about survival, or is there more to the “daily grind”? We’ll take a closer look at how our individual and collaborative endeavors pay a part in a divine project of creativity.
  • 11/22- Episode 4: Order- It’s not hard to find pain in this world. How do we seek justice for the oppressed? I wonder if creativity, freedom, and hospitality have something to do with the answers we’re searching for?
  • 12/6- Episode 5: Wisdom- Why should we know stuff? To accumulate knowledge? To get a good job? Maybe God gives us unique callings to understand his creation and use what we learn to serve others.
  • 12/20- Episode 6: Wonder- Must everything have a practical usefulness, or is there value in being useless? Perhaps the blessed inefficiency of wonder helps us grasp God’s extravagant, gratuitous love for us. “Taste and see that the Lord is good.”
  • 1/3- Episode 7: Church- In our quest to know and live out “God’s Economy of All Things,” a rather large question remains: “what is the role of the church in the world?” Do our stories of exile have a purpose in God’s plan for all things?

Please contact Becky at 314-769-3133 or rjhalcomb@hotmail.com if you’d like child care, so that I can make sure to have enough baby-sitters to cover everybody. I hope to see you there!

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