As you look around this world, it is no mystery that we serve a God who loves to create.  With each colorful sunrise and sunset, He paints our world with a fresh beginning and a peaceful rest.  I don’t know about you, but  I never tire of watching a good sunset or sunrise!   Day after day it never gets old…it is always different and exciting.

For the past 18 years of serving at Messiah in music arts, it has been thrilling to watch God inspire and ignite people to express the love of Jesus through amazing talents and indescribable creativity.

We have had many profound moments that have deeply guided and nurtured our spiritual walk.  We are deeply grateful for everyone that played a vital role in helping Messiah become a church that celebrates the arts and finding creative ways for the Word of God to speak deeply into each heart!

Art has had a special way of orchestrating and defining different seasons in Messiah’s history.  As we look back we can reflect on so many beautiful works of art that ushered in a new season.  From  the handmade colorful banners designed by Pastor Bruick, to the crucifixion/resurrection wall creations designed by Paul Stuart North,  to the building of Calvary’s hill and Easter tomb for the Life of Christ… as well as the many different Christmas and Easter sets, and now to our current family cross collage. And then within those sets,  add in all of the artists that dramatically expressed the Gospel in singing, dancing, playing instruments, or acting.  So many seasons to celebrate and rejoice in thanksgiving!   Our God loves to create!   Our God is always on the move ….ushering in something new!

So, we anticipate and look forward to what God has in store.  A new season is stirring.  And yes,  it is no surprise, that once again, God is using art to inspire and orchestrate a new day.  The current sanctuary renovations, which were scheduled last summer at the beginning of Field of Dreams, are under way and many have worked long hours to figure out exactly where God is leading.

We rejoice in the fact that the cross collage, which was meant only to suspend for an Easter season, turned into a sacred space marking the past 5 years of digging deeper into our faith journey.

Marking a season where we grew in unity through the love of Jesus.  Marking a season where we discovered THE STORY and worked through the entire Bible.  Marking a seasons where each of member of the body saw the importance of being in community and working together.  Marking a season where we matured deeply in our faith, realizing that we are a new creation in Christ and your journey is HIS story written just for you.

What a season!   But the time has come for something new.  The artists are at work!   Thank you for giving them room to create!  Thank you for trusting their internal artistic eye to orchestrate!  Thank you for embracing change and the exciting energy that newness creates!  God is creating…and He is using every single one of us to usher in a something new.  He is calling each one of us to keep our eyes fixed on HIM throughout the transition and celebrate the challenge of change as we realize the life that newness brings! When the cross collage comes down in the next few weeks, the individual crosses will be returned to the artists that created them.

Thus, the crosses will continue their journey of fixing eyes on Jesus in homes, offices, and other locations throughout the world.

A personal note from Director of Worship Arts, Beth Schult:

Beth-Schult-webI just wanted to add that it has been my greatest joy to serve the people here the past 18 years at Messiah.  I have been blessed through you in ways words will never be able to describe.  I thank you for trusting me, and giving me room to create.  I thank you for allowing me to grow and make mistakes as we tried different ways to bring artistic moments to our worship life.  You are a special people, my friends.   There are not many churches that embrace the depth of trust that art brings.  You all remain deeply in my heart and I carry these moments with me as God calls me to journey on in faith to Redeemer Redwood City, CA… and the artists that have gathered there.    May God continue to grant us all peace and joy as we work together in HIS Kingdom bringing HIS Gospel to life in a world desperately in need of His colorful love and indescribable mercy!

Isaiah 43:19New International Version (NIV)

19 See, I am doing a new thing!
Now it springs up; do you not perceive it?
I am making a way in the wilderness
and streams in the wasteland.

© 2015 Messiah Lutheran Church