It’s a funny thing. Perspective. Flying out of St. Louis to Uganda, as I looked out from my coveted window seat– WOW — Look at that little blip on the surface! Check it out. Doesn’t it look so small and insignificant? But the reality is–that’s simply not true. A thriving city is a treasure! It feeds an area with life making a huge impact that is far reaching to the surrounding people! But it is also true, from this perspective looking down anyway, St. Louis doesn’t really matter all that much to the rest of the world does it? We are an easy overlook…a “fly by”…a “why bother”…?


Ever wonder what God sees from His perspective as He reigns over all created life??? I do.

Does He see how insignificant each one of our daily lives truly is?

Or does He see each one of us as a treasure worth stopping for?

Going to Uganda was like getting that coveted “right hand seat”…or a window seat you could say…. next to God’s heavenly throne. I was granted a very vivid answer to that question. The pictures are engraved into my heart and mind. Not a day goes by that I don’t visit them over and over in my head. If you ever find yourself wondering:

“Does God really care about me?”

“What could He possibly use me for anyway?”

“Why bother? Why stop? Why care?”

“How does God care for my needs, and at the very same time He cares for an orphaned child in the middle of Uganda not to mention all the other places in the world!??

…..just spend some time dwelling on each one of these images.

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Let God set you on His lap for awhile while He shows YOU the answer….watch Him
take two very insignificant lives and then watch them speak life into each other. This collision, powered by the love of Jesus, brings them together into one of the most beautiful exchanges you will ever find on earth. This is God–in His holy place. Doing what He does best….caring for each and every one of His children–one at a time.

There is not ONE person He doesn’t see.

There is not ONE person He can’t touch.

And in His holy grand design He actually asks you and I to take part in the seeing and touching!!! He whispers into our heart…. He calls us into His work!!

Yes. We are absolutely insignificant. But grafted to God’s mighty arms He transforms our feeble weakness into His powerful strength making the ultimate significance possible….drawing others into the saving love of Jesus! What an honor and joy to see! What a gift and privilege it is to touch! There are people all around you, and those far from you, waiting for this beautiful exchange. And God….well….He is just watching over you with a smile on His face knowing what He has prepared for you. Go…don’t worry. He’s got you! Now…Trust Him to USE you!!!

And so why wait? I have something for you to think about.

Easter is just around the corner and two weeks after Easter is our annual presentation of THE STORY…the musical. It is the story of the Bible from beginning to end portrayed with biblical videos, narrations, and powerful songs. Albeit, an incredible mountaintop for all believers at Messiah to experience again and again, I believe God is calling us into something more than that. The question that is begged to be asked is, “Why do we do this anyway?…For us?…or…For others?” And we respond with a resounding, “FOR OTHERS!” It is our most fervent prayer that God would use this to reach out to those that are far from HIM in our community. This is our chance to love on those that are lost in this dark world!

However, we need them to come. So,we need your help! I know that there is someone waiting in your circle to be warmly invited to Easter services and to The Story: The Musical. I promise that there is someone right in your own backyard wanting to see and feel the love of Jesus. Let’s give them the window seat and actually show them…vividly…what God has done for them and how much Jesus loves them! Please take a minute to ponder, pray, and listen to God whisper back to you. Who has He put in your path? ….on your street?…in your workplace? Do you know of anyone who is hurting? Are there people around you seeking answers to life in places that are full of emptiness?

I know this. WE ALL ARE! And so God gathers us together week after week, and He wipes-out our hurt and emptiness through the love of Jesus! He commands us to gather in His name into His loving arms for a reason! HE SPEAKS! This is God…in His holy place! Restoring His children – one at a time! And then, He also commands us to bring others with us…”Go and make disciples!” It is my prayer that the family of Messiah really takes this opportunity to heart. Reach out and touch someone with THE STORY. Ask them to come with you on April  9 or 10 and sit by you…meet them for coffee beforehand! God has already designed to bless them through your love in more significant ways than you could ever imagine or dream of.

“God is able to do far more than we would dare to ask or even dream of—infinitely beyond our highest prayers,, desires, thoughts, or hopes.” Ephesians 3:20

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