It’s the season of giving. You hear it everywhere! KMOV is collecting food at Dierberg’s, the Salvation Army bells are ringing just about everywhere you shop, and churches city-wide are giving their congregations opportunities to support families who are less fortunate.

At Messiah, we love the season of giving, too! This year we are providing ways for church members to support two wonderful organizations and also to provide Bibles for our mission partners in Poland and Uganda. And, as always, this congregation is responding to that opportunity .

I just returned from the Friends of Lakota Youth drop-off site to watch the hundreds of boxes given by people in the St. Charles area be loaded on the truck bound for South Dakota. Wow- that was some giving! So many gifts wrapped in love. And the team that spent numerous hours over the past few weeks sending out letters, picking up gifts, shopping, packing – the time they gave to this project is off the chart! There was even a local SWAT team who gave up time and a lot of energy to get the truck loaded.

The season of giving is truly in full swing. But I have one more way for you to give during this Advent season – and it won’t cost any money. Give somebody a break. Yes, just cut them some slack. They’re hurried, stressed, tired, and probably over-committed. Sometimes you see it in an unanswered text or a short answer to a question. Or it may be someone’s inability to give you the time that they normally do. However it manifests itself, give someone a break.

We’ve all seen the posts on Facebook that tell us we never really know what is going on in someone’s life. How true that can be! And keeping that in mind when your feelings might be a little hurt will really benefit everyone in the end!

So, keep on giving, Messiah! You show your generous hearts in so many ways, and I love to see it in action.


Julie Stroder is Messiah’s Missions Coordinator and also the Missions Coordinator at Hearts & Hope for Uganda. She writes about missional living on Messiah’s blog.

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