Messiah Begins Search for Youth & Family Minister

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Hiring Process & Timeline

  1. Names will be gathered in August and September. The initial screening will take place during this time with the core hiring team:
    • Paul Schult, Senior Pastor
    • Bryan Blackford, Director of Ministry Programs
    • Amy Malterer, HR Representative
  2. The core hiring team is also responsible for assembling a call committee to conduct interviews through November. The call committee will be made up of 4-5 individuals (1 staff, 1 elder, 2-3 laypersons from our congregation).
  3. The call committee will recommend a candidate to the Executive Ministry Team, who in turn makes a recommendation to the Board of Lay Ministry.
  4. A candidate will be recommended by the Board of Lay Ministry to the congregation and a call meeting will be held in January 2016.
  5. Youth & Family Minister begins spring/summer 2016.

**We realize that this position is crucial to our ministry and that finding the right candidate is far more important than meeting a deadline.  Please consider these dates to be best-case targets rather than firm deadlines**

The core hiring team is now accepting names and is in the process of assembling a call committee.  Please contact Amy Malterer at amalterer@messiahnetwork.org if you have any questions or potential candidate names.
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