Our Last Day of Day Camp in Jastrzebie

So here we are – most of the way through our last day. There were many emotions shared by the mission team during our early-afternoon Bible study today…. Many are amazed at how close they have become to the Polish counselors. Others marvel at how attached to the kids they are. Most feel changed and all have learned something about themselves this week, whether it’s how flexible they can be, how much they can accomplish in one day or even how little sleep they can get and not be grumpy the next morning!

God has truly been at work in this place. Hearts have been softened with the news that God loves us just as we are. Our music has reinforced every day that God is powerful and will take care of us, no matter what. We have learned forgiveness and compassion from our skits and saw that God’s love will never fail as we memorized scripture together.

Good-byes will be hard today and tomorrow but we go knowing that we have made a difference.


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