How can it be FRIDAY? That was the consensus this morning when we arrived at Day Camp in Jastrzebie. We enjoyed another fabulous breakfast prepared by the cooks here at Jesus Church. I think we will all miss having breakfast together when we get home! It’s such a great time listening to what everyone did with their host family the night before after we all went our separate ways. Word is out that there was an awesome party hosted by one of the Day Camp leaders! We are so thankful that the American and Polish teams have become so close.

This morning we began with chapel and the mission team put on another of their now-infamous skits. In today’s episode, the kids learned about caring for each other – as God would have us to do. The kids have really improved on their songs. The American team still continues to try to conquer the Polish song our friends are insisting we learn!

A highlight of the morning was giving the kids time to paint the backs of their new camp t-shirts. The shirts are a special version this year that commemorates the 10th anniversary of us being a part of Day Camp here. The front says “Let Your Light Shine”; the kids got to paint a star on the back that included their name. Lots of older kids have spent a lot of their time getting signatures on theirs as well.

The American team is amazed at how much the kids have learned this week. Things that we each struggled getting through on Monday are now a breeze. It’s interesting to hear what the kids have already learned in school. One class covered animals today; many were easy for the students. They only had trouble with “moose” and “walrus”!

When it was time for lunch, the team got a special treat – some free time to walk to the closest mall. Most people did a little bit of shopping and we all ended up at the ice cream/gelato shop. There were some Snickers milkshakes being consumed that seemed to the favorite!

We came back to the church to have lunch. We had heard from other teams about the potato dumplings – today was the day! They are about the size of a golf ball and are served with melted butter on top and then rolled in sugar. The trick is getting the cooks to serve you less than a dozen! We are so thankful for the HOURS they put in to keep us fed. The team agreed that no one is coming home lighter than when we left!

The kids are all playing games or in crafts now. Beth and I are thankful for the “whatever it takes” attitude of this team. It has been HOT – and they have been troopers. They have accepted every challenge sent their way. We are excited about going bowling with everyone tonight. Any kind of competition this week has been filled with laughs; pictures to follow.

Thank you again to our families – for your willingness to let us all be here and for taking care of so many details at home. Please continue to pray for the safety and well-being of your team!


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