When we first started going to South Dakota in 2008, we met two boys: Gavin and Dujuan. Gavin was 8, and Dujuan was 10. Gavin was obsessed with Spiderman, decked out in his Spiderman shirt and his Spiderman shoes, playing with Spiderman action figures. Dujuan was often found by his side, talkative and funny, one year spending our whole week with him running around in a Mr. Incredible costume.

Now, Dujuan is 16 and Gavin is 14. They shyly wandered down to the Main this year, now members of the Teen Center. They told us about their school work, their activities and their plans for the summer. They looked through old pictures of themselves, laughing and realizing how much they’ve grown up.

Gavin and Dujuan are just two kids that we have had the opportunity to watch blossom into young men. Our teams have grown up with these kids, and that is a privilege that only comes with consistency and commitment.

A South Dakota Story (6 Part Series)

  1. Introduction
  2. Transformation
  3. Dreams
  4. Team
  5. Cultural Identity
  6. Legacy

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