What is a pledge card?

God asks us to give prayerful consideration to the gifts we return to Him through our offerings.  The Bible instructs us to give cheerful, firstfruit, proportionate gifts.  This requires planning! Completing a pledge card provides an opportunity to discuss your offerings with your family and make a commitment to giving regularly.
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Why do we give a special one-time gift on Jubilee Sunday?
Our offering on Jubilee Sunday is a special gift of thanksgiving.  It substantially helps Messiah during the summer months when attendance is typically lower, and also helps on Sundays like last Sunday when bad weather results in low attendance.

Why do we bring our pledge cards and offerings forward to the altar instead of passing the offering plate like other Sundays?
Bringing your entire family forward to place your pledge card and offering on God’s altar is a meaningful experience.  It marks the special day in a special way.  Kids love this part of Jubilee Sunday!  There is no particular order for coming forward, so you won’t feel pressured if you do not participate.

Do I have to participate?
Jubilee Sunday is a special day that many look forward to all year.  However, we do not want anyone to feel compelled to participate, especially guests.  It is certainly not something that is required.

I can’t find my pledge card or special envelope for my Jubilee Sunday offering.  What should I do?
There will be a pledge card in your bulletin on Sunday morning.  There will also be extra envelopes available at the Information Desk and Spotlight table.
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