School Staff Commissioning & Installation

Sunday, August 24th at the 11am Service

What Does This Mean?
This year, we have several current and new school staff members who will be commissioned and installed as teachers at Messiah Lutheran School during the 11:00 service. Sometimes it seems like the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod has its own language! So we’ll try to explain the difference:

Commissioning: When professional church workers (including teachers, Directors of Christian Education, Directors of Music, etc.) complete their studies, they are eligible to become “Ministers of Religion-Commissioned” in our church body. Upon their first call to a congregation, these workers are officially commissioned. The Rite of Commissioning is a one-time event and serves as a worker’s formal invitation to membership in our Synod.

The qualifications to be eligible for commissioning can be obtained in two ways: Graduation from a college in the Concordia University System with a degree in professional church work, or completion of a series of classes known as the “Colloquy” program. This year, we have one new staff member (Lorenda Bolling, K Teacher) who recently graduated from Concordia-Chicago, and two current staff members (Corey Ensrude, 5th Grade Teacher, Charlie Brewster, 6th Grade Teacher) who recently completed the Colloquy program. These three staff members were called by Messiah and will be commissioned on August 24th.

Installation: When a worker receives a call to a congregation (either a first call or any subsequent calls), they are formally welcomed to the congregation through the Rite of Installation. Unlike commissioning, a person can be installed more than once. This year, we are welcoming Lori Hohenstein (K Teacher) to the Messiah staff. Because she was already commissioned by virtue of her previous position, she will only be installed, along with the other three teachers who are being commissioned and installed.

The terminology may be confusing, but the bottom line is that we are thrilled to celebrate with all of our school staff! Please join us after the 11:00 service on August 24th for a reception with cake and lemonade.

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