The Bible is God’s Story – the greatest story ever told.  Over several thousand years, God redeemed mankind from the bondage of sin through Jesus.  “The Story” is a book that presents the Bible in the form of a novel.  Reading through this book can help you understand the big picture of the Bible and enhance your ability to study scripture.  Most importantly, the Holy Spirit works through the Bible to connect God’s story, to your story.  Through faith in Jesus Christ and the miracle of baptism, you are a part of God’s Story!

We invite you to purchase a copy of “The Story” for $5 in the Information Center and read along week by week, as we use “The Story” as the basis of our 2014 worship services.  We will cover the Old Testament from January through June, take a break in July and August, and finish the New Testament in the Fall.  There are also Bible Studies beginning in January that will offer group discussion and further insight.  Register online for those.  Be a part of God’s Story!

Small Groups Starting in January Register online!

  • All Are Welcome (Day/Time TBD): Led by Denis Hermanas
  • All Are Welcome (Day/Time TBD): Led by Steve & Gail Guemmer
  • Couples/Kids Sun 6:30pm at Messiah: Led by Matt/Sara Civili & Mike/Kathy Versemann
  • Couples Wed 6:30pm: Led by AJ & Kim Cluck
  • Couples Fri at 7pm: Led by Kevin Moehring
  • Men Thurs at 8pm at C Bennett Warehouse: Led by Andy Engle & Tim Lohmar
  • Women Tues 9am at Messiah (child care):  Led by Kaki Lang
  • Women Tues 1pm at Messiah:  Led by Kaki Lang
  • Women Wed noon at Messiah:  Led by Julie Stroder & Michelle Arnold
  • Women at Our Lady’s Inn Friday Evenings: Led by Robbie Poel

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