As a result of continued Church growth, the Board of Lay Ministry (BOLM) has drafted revisions to the Constitution and Bylaws to enable more effective and efficient management of a large congregation and school.

The suggested changes were presented at a leadership meeting on May 17, 2016 and a congregational meeting on June 26, 2016. Feedback and questions about the revisions were taken at those times. The questions, the corresponding answers and the rationale for the changes were compiled in a summary and are provided here.

To continue the process of Congregational informing, revising and eventual Constitutional vote, the BOLM is presenting four documents: the current Constitution, the draft Constitution, the Changes and Rationale and the BOLM Governance Policies that now create standard operating procedures regarding tactical and procedural items.

BOLM members Scott Stein and Rachel Wilhelm will be available Sunday, February 12 in the Information Center to discuss any questions you may have about the Constitution and the proposed changes. We anticipate the next step will be to present the revised Constitution and Bylaws at a congregational meeting for final discussion and a vote.

Key Documents:

Please direct questions to BOLM members Scott Stein and Rachel Wilhelm.

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